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    Married Life

    Married Life, So Far

    It’s been over a year since I got married, and sometimes I still can’t believe it. From time to time, I still catch myself saying something like, “Oh my god! I really am a married woman!” This is despite the fact that I am now more comfortable addressing my husband as such and identifying myself as his wife.

  • Tying The Knot

    Here’s A Closer Look At Our Wedding

    I'm not gonna lie; planning a wedding was not easy at all, especially in the middle of a pandemic. It also didn't help that Tim and I were both so busy with work and other things. But still, we were able to have a nice wedding. Of course, things would not have been possible for the suppliers we worked with.

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    Tying The Knot

    4 ‘Rules’ I Broke On My Wedding Day

    Getting married comes with certain expectations. The occasion has long been associated with specific ways of doing things. But if there's one thing I also learned while writing about weddings, it's the fact that you can defy expectations, especially if you and your spouse-to-be are paying for everything.